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by Strait Laces

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released October 27, 2011



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Strait Laces Belfast, UK

Hailing from the windy north coast of Ireland, since 2008 Strait Laces have been unleashing their unique brand of schizophrenic-punk-rock on unsuspecting audiences

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Track Name: Bagged & Brought
The thing's you perceived, I wore a gun on each sleeve. To safeguard my own heart and keep her away. Turns out that we've all been lead astray. It's staring back at me. For over nineteen years, it's staring back at me. Turns out that we've all been lead astray, and i wish that I was still too young. Oh my god what's going on there's something changed in the atmosphere, honest minds lead a simple life but I think this is gonna break me, this is wrong, this is. You can always say that your the same, but there is something. Teach me the meaning of hand claps, and fill me in on the news. This news could affect us as people, it's just a shock it's news to me and you. Turns out that we've all been lead astray, and I wish that I was still too young. I could sit and judge you all the same, but then I'm nothing. Staring back, for over nineteen years, and nothing could have prepared me for this.
Track Name: Where The Wolf Roam
These walls fear death, but inside, a group of guys bring the remaining life out of me and I am ever thankful, because they prolonged the plans that those evil three had for me. So please don't shut doors. I'm Scared. Be it day or night they will leave, and god only knows if they'll be back in one piece. When they were gone we got a gift from number three, on the loose and under the spell of ecstasy, using sticks and fists to kick the shit out of me. They can't penetrate, these dying walls will protect where the wolf roam. My exit from the market could have drove me mad but I must say that I am happy to go back to the ground. Memories will always stay and I will live forever in the hearts, in the hearts of those young ones. Where the wolf roam.
Track Name: Guiltshake
Our voice, this intimidation, creates major threats for this civilisation. Round round go the thoughts in my head dwelling on a message of a threat when he said, I've got some friends that you wouldn't be mates with, these boys were raised on the wrong side of town. I've got a tale to tell to you, I've got some bait for sale. I'm not impressed by the way he addressed himself and said, our voice, this intimidation, creates major threats for the civilisation. Mesmerised, it turned my heart to stone and brought tears to my eyes. Fight or flight? I have to defend my most human of rights. I've got some friends that you wouldn't be mates with, these boys were raised on the wrong side of town. You don't believe, you can't believe the things i say. Round round go the thoughts in my head dwelling on a message of a threat. Live with no regrets, live with no regrets. That's what she said. I've got some friends that you wouldn't be mates with, these boys were raised on the wrong side of town. GUILTSHAKE.
Track Name: Your Fearful Admirer
No, wait I don't like this why do I miss, You, it's killing me inside, constant like a turning tide, Everybody's talking but I cannot hear a word, everybody's thinking what we're doing is absurd. Bring the good times so I don't feel mad, at myself. People also thinking how come we can share a bed, truth be told I'm being bold I'll love her till I'm dead. So fuck your time away, it killed me inside that I couldn't say, I couldn't say let's turn back time. In the end I thought that I could turn to you, but I just dragged it out. Then you turned your back on me and ran to the hills so you could hide. And I found out the things I've said have only just been lies to hide the truth. This is no description, this is just how we failed.
Track Name: I Love The Way That You Rule With An Iron Fist
Kneeling down by Samson's side, your size is overwhelming me, but you are not a threat your just here to straighten out the two sides of this thing. Take another chance with me my dear. Cause on the twelfth day of the seventh month they will assemble their lines to parade around, devour their wine, sing songs of meaning but no meaning can be found. And yet no one dies. Cause this is not, what we want, and what we need, is too remember what truly loving somebody really means and not forgetting that we are all human to. Fail we can, cause we are all human, forget love. Nobody knows your name, and nobody dies. Love the way you rule with an iron fist.
Track Name: The Trip
You put me on the back foot, at hello...
Track Name: Chariots
Give it away, take one, then stare a his face. With arms crossed they rest on his chest. And you represent a flash back of me, it scares me to think what I could be, it's all a habit for yourself. Oh crooked face you must erase, that heavy heart so out of place, and can't you see that your fucking wrong. You always take what you like, you never know what you need around here. You say he gives life, but I've never seen anything more lifeless.
Track Name: Kids Like John Need A Hero
And he was once a boy but he's a man now at the age of 14 in a grave with a bullet in his chest and i knew he had to volunteer but i never thought he'd end up here cause he's the victim, this is the reason the war had begun and i don't wanna be part of that cause it's the same type of shit thats gonna bring me back. He had to run away cause he was scared and what do you expect when you send a boy to do a mans job I wish I was there to see the look on the queens face when she found out he died under her care It's illegal, It's illegal And I don't care what you say, if harry had done it to he would have got away. The sun will rise and you will see. Graves and headstones, i'm one of the lucky few we have a memory graves and bones, the kids of today need to turn off the tv, turn off the tv, turn off the tv. I need to get away, that's what she said, nah nah nah nahhh forget that lets bring it back to the start. These problems rose out of nowhere with the forces you controlled and now i'm staring at this kid, fuck this kid you should have stayed on that patrol. Kid run away
Track Name: The Glorious Dead
I wish I could be a boy again trading it all in to go home and see my friends cause i'll be six feet under having barely scratched the surface of life oh my oh my this has ruined me. Marks on the walls, tell me i'm not alone brothers have stayed and then went off to a better home. The only way to my heart is through the white piece of cloth upon my chest, and it'll soon be stained in blood the sun will rise and bring us a brand new day but i will not see the end of it this is not what i expected I was taken from my fathers land and promised glory in the palm of my hand this is not what i expect to be inside I lay. Get me away from here, get from away from here this is not what i expected get me away from here, get me away, get me away

"All I had to do was put one foot infront of the other
and run out from undercover
take the place of my fallen brothers
but the chainguns rattled and the barrel stuttered
and i was covered in mud rain and blood
as i stood on the precipice
my neighbour fell handing missing from the wrist
i'll tell ye this
that i had my misgivings when i saw his white cotton
shirt cut to ribbons
thought of homecomings, legs missing, arms in slings
as my friends rib cage rose like an angels wings
all i wanted was to be a man
untill they sent me to this foriegn land
with someone elses gun in my hand
all i wanted was to be a man
so they sent me to a foriegn land
with someone elses gun and instinct
taught me that somethings not right
when old men start wars for young men to fight
and be cannon fodder, or someone elses bomb
to watch the ground turn redder than the sky at dawn
and so i turned and ran a found a primal fear
as bullets, slugs pot marked the ground,
i could hear the young voices of home crying out in sacrifice
as opposings thrones had made a throw of the dice
so where's christ if we die for king and crown

(Slaine Browne - A Team Fresh Soldier)

Corruption, is beautiful in the eyes of all of the corrupt

This does not detail all the things"