The Glorious Dead

from by Strait Laces



I wish I could be a boy again trading it all in to go home and see my friends cause i'll be six feet under having barely scratched the surface of life oh my oh my this has ruined me. Marks on the walls, tell me i'm not alone brothers have stayed and then went off to a better home. The only way to my heart is through the white piece of cloth upon my chest, and it'll soon be stained in blood the sun will rise and bring us a brand new day but i will not see the end of it this is not what i expected I was taken from my fathers land and promised glory in the palm of my hand this is not what i expect to be inside I lay. Get me away from here, get from away from here this is not what i expected get me away from here, get me away, get me away

"All I had to do was put one foot infront of the other
and run out from undercover
take the place of my fallen brothers
but the chainguns rattled and the barrel stuttered
and i was covered in mud rain and blood
as i stood on the precipice
my neighbour fell handing missing from the wrist
i'll tell ye this
that i had my misgivings when i saw his white cotton
shirt cut to ribbons
thought of homecomings, legs missing, arms in slings
as my friends rib cage rose like an angels wings
all i wanted was to be a man
untill they sent me to this foriegn land
with someone elses gun in my hand
all i wanted was to be a man
so they sent me to a foriegn land
with someone elses gun and instinct
taught me that somethings not right
when old men start wars for young men to fight
and be cannon fodder, or someone elses bomb
to watch the ground turn redder than the sky at dawn
and so i turned and ran a found a primal fear
as bullets, slugs pot marked the ground,
i could hear the young voices of home crying out in sacrifice
as opposings thrones had made a throw of the dice
so where's christ if we die for king and crown

(Slaine Browne - A Team Fresh Soldier)

Corruption, is beautiful in the eyes of all of the corrupt

This does not detail all the things"


from Strait Laces, released October 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Strait Laces Belfast, UK

Hailing from the windy north coast of Ireland, since 2008 Strait Laces have been unleashing their unique brand of schizophrenic-punk-rock on unsuspecting audiences

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